5.1.2. Hungarian regulations

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Hungary is rich in groundwater due to its basin character and geological structure. The quantity, environmental and utilization value of our underground water resources are of outstanding importance in European terms. The thick sediments in the basin and the karst formations in the mountains provide an excellent opportunity to obtain water from the underground. Taking advantage of our favorable conditions, the use of groundwater is significant. About 95% of the drinking water supply comes from groundwater, and it also plays an important role for agriculture, especially for field cultivation. Therefore, there are also numerous laws in our country to protect water resources in order to maintain the purity of water and to use it optimally. After the accession of Hungary to the European Union, legal harmonization has influenced the existing legislation. Such laws are the current Environmental Protection Law (Law LIII of 1995 on General Rules for Environmental Protection) [158], the current Water Law (Law LVII of 1995 on Water Management) [159], the current Drinking Water Regulation (Government Regulation 201/2001 on Drinking Water Quality Requirements and Control Procedures) [160]. On the website of the United Regional Municipal Water Corporation Ltd. (E.R.Ö.V. Víziközmű Zrt.), the basic legislation and the relevant governmental and ministerial regulations [161] can be viewed or printed.
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