Imre Fekete

Technology in English teaching

The Hungarian university context

Series editors’ foreword

We are delighted to present the newest volume of our series entitled Applied linguistics in the 21st century written by Imre Fekete. The fact that this is another volume in English helps us to realize our vision about the internationalization and wider recognition of research results from Hungarian contexts. Imre Fekete’s work presents the results of a mixed-methods study dealing with a timely and pedagogically important topic, namely, the digital transformation at Hungarian universities and how information and communications technology shapes current practices. This research is unique as both the voices of students and instructors are considered. It is our hope that the results presented in this monograph will inspire instructors to consider learners’ device use in classroom more widely. As at the end of the monograph, Imre listed several new avenues for future studies, it is hoped that researchers will be motivated to investigate COVID-related effects as well as further good practices pertaining to information and communications technology. In addition, further research should also establish a balance between how positive and negative beliefs might affect device use in second language learning and beyond. We think that the topic of this monograph and the careful execution of the research project make this piece of writing a true representation of applied linguistics in the 21st century.

Technology in English teaching


Kiadó: Akadémiai Kiadó

Online megjelenés éve: 2023

ISBN: 978 963 454 870 6

Involving technology in English as a foreign language learning and teaching processes is a widely researched area of language pedagogy, but comprehensive studies from the Hungarian university educational context are sparse. This monograph investigates into what attitudes Hungarian English Studies / EFL teacher education majors as well as Hungarian university instructors teaching in English Studies and EFL teacher education programmes hold towards technology use for learning and teaching purposes. An additional aim was to collect what the views of learners and instructors are about skilful technology use in support of better student learning. The study applied a mixed methods design involving a pair of questionnaires and a pair of interview studies. The book details why learners and expert instructors find it essential that technological alternatives be introduced skilfully in as many university courses as possible. The book also includes the description of an array of technological tools used by the learner and instructor interview participants in the Hungarian English Studies and EFL teacher education context that can inform instructors why and how to use certain technological tools in their classrooms.



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