Miklós Kassai, László Kajtár


Kiadó: Akadémiai Kiadó

Online megjelenés éve: 2019

ISBN: 978 963 454 374 9

DOI: 10.1556/9789634543749

Nowadays, the explosion of air-conditioning systems is a global phenomenon. With their operation, pleasant thermal comort feeling can be provided for the occupants. Statistical data show that the active cooling of residental and public buildings is increasingly used also in developing countries. In these buildings, the proportion of ventilation in total energy consumption is significantly increased. There is a similar problem in the operation of buildings with post-thermal insulation. In this case, the energy demand of the ventilation represents a relatively higher proportion of the energy consumption of the whole annual building energy consumption. In international practice, energy saving operation is gaining ground. Here, this book is related to this topic, in which it introduces methods for energy-efficient dimensioning and design of air-conditioning systems in generalized, practical cases.

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