Dávid Smid

Toward an Understanding of Pre-Service English Teachers’ Motivation: The Case of Hungary

Instructed L2 Learning in Hungary

In this section, I give a critical account of the motivating capacity of instructed L2 learning contexts in Hungary. The reason behind this is that my target population includes Hungarian pre-service English teachers, who have amassed a considerable amount of experience learning English as a L2 during their years spent in public education. Based on the works of several researchers in the field of FLA (e.g., Dörnyei, 2005, 2009a; Dörnyei & Ottó, 1998), it can be hypothesized that the given environmental conditions influenced prospective English teachers’ past experiences and motivation, which, in turn, can have an impact on their future self/identity and motivation. In what follows, I elaborate on the nature of four components of the L2 learning process that have been linked to L2 learning motivation, namely, student groups (Dörnyei, 1994, 2001), L2 teachers (Dörnyei, 1994, 2001; Gardner, 1985), material resources (Williams & Burden, 1997), and L2 learning achievement (Clément, 1980; Gardner, 1985).

Toward an Understanding of Pre-Service English Teachers’ Motivation: The Case of Hungary


Kiadó: Akadémiai Kiadó

Online megjelenés éve: 2022

ISBN: 978 963 454 818 8

In this monograph, the findings of a mixed-methods, multi-perspective empirical study targeting the motivation of Hungarian pre-service English teachers are presented and discussed. When it comes to the Hungarian context, the importance of the topic is indicated by issues, such as the ongoing workforce shortage in the public education sector and the latest reforming of the initial teacher education system. The present investigation sheds light on the complexity of Hungarian pre-service English teachers’ motivation, which was found to be a bipartite construct interrelated with cognitive, emotional, and social processes. It also offers insights into the motivating capacity of the undivided pre-service English teacher education program as well as the extent to which the initial teacher education system is effective with respect to its student recruitment policy. As such, this monograph might be beneficial to researchers, university instructors, mentor teachers, and educational policymakers alike.

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